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Monday, August 3, 2015

Metal Strap Watch

Metal Strap Watch: Metal Strap Watch by 24:01. The brand gives posh accent on classic watches collection. Men's Metal Strap Watch with textured metal craftsmanship and design details include a round-shaped face closure deployment clasp for easy wear.

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

secure transactions via ATM tips

nowadays more prevalent existence of burglary atm, a lot of customers who lost money without their knowledge, their money suddenly disappeared and many bills to them, but they never deal to buy goods

to anticipate that our money is not lost as they are, here I provide Tips for your money is safe and can not be taken by people who are not responsible, so that your money is safe look good
An eye on your surroundings,
1 there is that makes you curious what ngak, if you direct it to move locations atm\
2 make sure there are cameras or not, what is not suspicious? official of the party concerned or not
3 at the time of entering the pin number on the other hand expect to cover in order not to appear on camera or whoever is in situ,
4 Do not forget to confirm if completed transactions in the capture card
5 Do not you know people pin or our passwod
6 Do not you know the last three digits on the back atm card

insya4jj you will be safe from theft and money you will be safe, thank you


Saturday, May 29, 2010

Breach of Trust


Thursday, May 20, 2010

google buy plaster for 68.2 million DOLLARS

google to improve the quality and belief to the users google, google for this more priority to voice communication technology and video.di in the recent rapid developments especially useful as a platform for web development and audio and video communication in real use through the Internet to make a things that are important to their users
Gypsum develop a technology in the field of IP communications. many use it as a solution, such as: samsung, Oracle, Yahoo, nimbuzz, etc.. they generally mengguinakan plaster to master one by one video calls, by combining a sound with a video